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B-More "McKenzie Baltimore Junior" is a talented singer, song writer, and performer. His style comes from many influences such as: Baby Face, Brian Mcknight, Bob Marley, Musiq SoulChild and much more! Check out our entertaining interview below.

What's your background story? Where are you from?

B-More - I am from the Virgin Islands, the island of Tortola. I grew up in church. Started singing at the age of 8 and from then on I began leading the choir and fell in love with the art of music. I fell in love with melodies, symphonies, and harmonies and I've been hooked ever since. I was one of the lead singers for a Gospel group and then later on branched off on my own. Since then, I have been writing my own stuff and was able to generate a buzz in the Caribbean and hopefully in America.

Nice, It seems like you have a deep connection with the art of music. Most phenomenal artist do. What encouraged you to pursue a career in the music industry?

B-More - What encouraged me is listening to the sounds of Brian McKnight and Dru Hill every day, learning each song word for word, run for run and getting the most amazing feeling inside. I knew there was something deep down inside that needed to come out.

That's cool, a lot of people are known to do that for fun. But it's a amazing how it encouraged you to pursue a career in music.  How long have you been doing music? Describe your style of music.

B-More - I've been singing since the age of 8yrs. But professionally I've been doing music for 5yrs. I came from a church background so at times I try to keep that look on society and love going, music from the soul. But at the same time I try to keep it current to today's world and what people could relate to whether it's about sex, relationships, politics, but most of all keep it positive. Music is inspiration and I try to do just that in all my songs some way or the other.

That's an honest answer. You sing about what's real. Who are some artists and producers that you've worked with? Anyone internationally?

B-More - For the past 5 years I've worked with my producers in the Virgin Islands; Lincoln Ward, Darell Fahie and I had the privilege to work with Engy of France who did a Pop mash for me by the name of "Let it Go". Artists I've worked with are mostly from home; Lincoln Ward, Travie Rozae, Monea, Monique Chapendile, Xcel Da Don, Kissinger, Da Jedi.

I'd have  to say that I've never heard of those artists! But, that doesn't mean that I won't get to know their music. So B-More, are you currently working on any new projects or events? 

B-More - I am currently in the process of finishing my new mix tape called "ForeverMusic". I feel like I've transitioned in my life to know what my purpose is and what purpose is music and as long as I'm alive it's going to be music forever. The first single off of it will be launched today and it's called "Speaker Love". I just recently performed for the first time in Orlando, Fl at the Chakra Lounge, which went great. The fans embraced me and I think I created a little buzz or little whisper.

"Little Whisper", nice. It's important that you're even working to create a buzz here in Orlando since that's where you currently reside.  What can we expect from you as an artist?

B-More - As an artist you can expect music from the heart, music that's fresh air, and music that inspires. You can expect music that's forever.

Thank you B-More.  So what are your future goals as an artist?

B-More - I really want to be known as a singer/songwriter. Most people don't get an opportunity to be  known as both like that. Also, I want to give back to my community and do Music Workshops in order for  young artist to better develop themselves as artists.

What a wonderful interview. Please be sure to download B-More's new song "Speaker of Love" and support this artist. Become a fan!

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