Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crystal Annick: That Girl

Finally, I've had the privilege to interview the very talented Crystal Annick. If you don't know of her I promise you'll know enough after this interview.

Tell me about yourself.

To start, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and grew up in a single parent household. Growing up as the only child, I had a huge imagination that I now believe is the reason for a lot of things that I do today. I like to label myself as a “jack of many trades”. I’ve already received my Bachelors degree in Art & Design and currently studying for my Master’s in Entertainment Business. That’s what I know about myself for sure as of today because I am always learning new things about myself everyday.

Nice. What is your profession in the industry? Tell me of when you discovered your talent.

I would say that my profession in this industry would be graphic design, public relations and marketing. I first discovered my talent for design around the age of 14, but didn’t take it serious until I was about 18 because it was then that I realized that I could use that to help me get into the other areas of work that I eventually wanted to be known for. Also…having Nicki Minaj use multiple design pieces that I did of her as promo during her come up helped me realize my talent a lot!

What a wonderful opportunity you were granted to start off on this journey! What are some challenges that you face working in the entertainment industry?

Being a female is definitely a challenge that I’m starting to face in this industry a lot lately. I always feel that I have to go extra miles just to prove myself. I don’t mind any type of challenge though because it helps me grow as a person and professional.

Wow Crystal, I'd have to agree 100%. We females do have to go the extra miles to prove ourselves, but in the end it only makes a more experienced and stronger. Who have you done work for in the industry?

As of today, I’ve done work for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, K. Michelle, So So Def recording artist, Dondria, Mindless Behavior, Kyron Leslie, Shanell of Young Money, D-Mac, and upcoming music production duo, De-Capo Music Group to name a few. I’ve also done work with Shanica Knowles, Jade Alston and Vakseen.

You go girl! People, do you see this young ladies credentials? This is only the beginning Crys. Are there any new projects/events that you’re working on?

Currently I am getting things together for two major projects that I plan to launch by the beginning of next year. I also have an event idea in the works that I will start working on to bring to life very soon. I’m always working on something!

I hope that works out well for you. Let me know if I can assist you in any way. What can we expect from Crystal Annick in the future?

I’m working extremely hard right now to be able to bring all of those visions I’ve had for myself to life. Only God knows what my future will really hold but one thing for sure is that you can expect much success from Crystal Annick!

To keep up with me, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@CrystalAnnick), add me on Facebook ( and be sure to check out my official website at

Thanks so much for your interest in me! :)

I love to see young women on the rise in the entertainment industry. I told you that you would definitely know who "That Girl" is after this interview. Check out Crystal's contact information and network with her! 


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