Friday, October 7, 2011

Camari Starrz: Fashion Designer

What does fashion mean to you? What is a stylist? There are many designers in this industry that are popular for their craft. Fashion is inspired by the simplest things. It’s popularity starts with the design and grows with the designer. I’ve had the opportunity to interview a gifted fashion designer, Camari Starrz. Not only is he a fashion designer but he is also a celebrity stylist and personal shopper. Doesn’t he sound like every girls dream J. Below is our interview.

Well Mr. Camari what led you to start the profound movement "The Starrz"?

Well, I’m a designer. This is why I call my work “The Starrz”. It’s just a representation of Greatness, not only for an Artist since they are the Starr, but the people that come together as one to make that Starr shine. Whether it’s your team of employees or your supportive fans. It’s for everyone. We all are Starrz.

Wow, that sounds so inspiring to young people. How did the name originate?

I came up with that name in 2009. It was catchy and powerful. A Starr is Positive. It’s like a good luck charm to me and again it just represents Greatness. I love Starrz.

I like the positive outlook that "The Starrz" has. Your custom designs are so unique. When did you first decide to create your own line of products and what are they?

I first decided to create my own line in Nov 2010 after my first fashion show in Miami. I specialize in custom shades, corsets, shoes, phone cases, hats, whatever you name I can embellish it!

Yes! Your creative technique is very unlimited and it shows through your custom designs. Who/What are your influences?

The Blondes are a big influence to me. I loved everything Alexander McQueen created. Also, Betsy Johnson for her over the top designs as well. I like the style of some musical artist too such as: Kanye West, Trina, Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, and Lady GaGa. They each offer something different to the fashion industry.

I'd have to agree since they are true fashion icons. So Camari, how does it feel when celebrities wear your custom designs?

I feel honored and great! I feel like my job is done. Not only for celebrities, but also for anyone that wears anything by Camari Starrz.

"The Starrz" is an innovative movement. Are you going to launch a website to offer your services to others any time soon?

Yes, I’m going to have a site accessible for everyone to order from. It should be up no later than December 2011.

Do yo have any projects that you're working on?

      I’m planning on doing my 2nd big fashion show in March that will be held at my B-day party. The name of the show will be called “I Am The Starrz”. I also have some people working on doing a mini city-to-city Fashion show tour at different High Schools and colleges. Which I think is gonna be Starr-tastic! Lol

I'm sure your fashion show will be most talked about next year. What does the future hold for "The Starrz"? 

“The Starrz” will have continuous growth of new creative ideas to expose to the fashion industry and to also have stores across the world. If not that I would want my line of designs in every high-end dept store such as: Saks, Neiman Marcus etc. They’d carry my custom pieces. I also desire to do a cologne fragrance soon.

A special thanks to Camari Starrz for agreeing to this interview. I think that it’s important to see different aspects of the fashion industry and to also know what aspiring designers are offering. I wish “The Starrz” nothing but the best as the company continues to grow.

Below are pictures of some of the customized designs and celebrities that has worn his pieces.


Facebook: Camari Starrz


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