Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jkl Werty: A Star On The Rise

I've been granted to opportunity to interview the very talented Jkl Werty. He is a young upcoming artist that is striving for greatness. Check out our interview below!

What encouraged you to pursue a career in the music industry?

Humanity encouraged me to pursue my career in the music industry. I hate seeing poverty and homelessness. I wanna do my part and make a difference in the world .  As a child growing up I was always admired by people, and I manage to make them smile no matter what they going through.

That's inspiring. How long have you been doing music? Describe your style.

As a child growing up I always loved music . At age 6 I started playing instruments like piano, guitar and drums. I describe my music as pop, hip hop with reggae flavor.

That's an interesting mix for a profound sound. So what makes you different versus your competitors in the industry?

All of my music have live instruments and we add a lot different sounds and style in my songs (reggae flavor with caribbean flow with the lyrics).

That's definitely a competitive advantage. Who are 3 people that inspire you and why.
Bob Marley he expressed true life experience with also solution .

Victorious big I saw the struggle how he turns a negative into positive. I'm really impressed by that and I know anything is possible

Michael Jackson we all know their is a little Michael in everyone . He took the world , through his music a lot of good for the world came out.

Kanye west -very creative also number one producer. He takes chances with different song of music and make them a hit I love making beats in my spare time maybe one day I can share it with the world.

They're all so inspirational and creative in so many different ways. Who are some artists that you’ve worked with? Anyone internationally?

"Barrington levy" we have projects in the studio in the making. "Magazine May Bach" artist also we have projects being made in the studio.

Wonderful! Are you currently working on any new projects or events?

I have 2 new single come out "stand down" very excited about that cause it expresses my true feeling about the negativity in the world (ex: stereotyping) .

I am ,you are , we are worthy movement is my new non profit organization . Teen awareness program for all races.

And" going going " featuring my new artists YMC young master Chris and Blaze man. Stay tune for that

You are definitely an aspiring advocate for the young generation. What are your future goals as an artist?

Hopefully I can carry the torch of the legends before me  who paved the way and make the world a better place because I know that what they wanted.

Make sure you become familiar with Jkl Werty. He's definitely on the rise.  


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