Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking Past Limits

Caroline Casey is a profound speaker that has dedicated part of her life to changing how global society views people with disabilities. She did a TED talk about Looking past limits. In the beginning she engaged the audience and asked if they remembered what they wanted to be when they were 17. Caroline wanted to be a biker chick, race car driver, a cowgirl, and Mowgli from The Jungle Book because they were all about being free. She discovered at age 17 that she has been legally blind her whole life. She wasn’t aware before because her family treated her like a normal child. Her father always made her believe in everything. She later realized that she needed to be herself and to figure out what she wanted to do. Then, as founding CEO of Kanchi in Dublin, she developed a set of best practices (based on ISO 9000 quality standards) for businesses, to help them see “disabled” workers as an asset as opposed to a liability. Caroline said that freedom is being absolutely true to you. All you need is vision and belief. With those you will be able to make change happen. She is an inspirational speaker. I like how she didn’t make her disability obvious and didn’t want to be treated differently. Her model of speaking makes people look past limits and to be free. She overcame adversity by discovering who she was as a person and remaining true to herself. Her words are true and enlightening. It’s helped me develop a deeper understanding on how to remain open and unlimited. There are so many job opportunities in the entertainment business. As I continue on the road as an entrepreneur I need to be open to ideas and to try the unthinkable. 


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