Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Working In the Film Industry: Janee' Smith

Check out my interview below with Janee' Smith as she discusses how it is to wrk in the film industry.

Where are you from? Could you provide a snippet of your background?

Janee' - I'm from Oakland, California. Growing up it was just my mom, sisters, and I. Being the eldest, I had  a lot of responsibility. Picture this; 8 year old girl changing diapers, feeding, clothing, and babysitting was the story of my life. I guess you can say that I had to grow up fast. It has its pros and cons but it made me more mature and responsible.  I didn't grow up with the "Cosby show family" but who really has? Since the 6th grade my passions have always been photography, film, and writing. Poetry is the way I express myself and  every photo I took had a story behind it. My pencil, paper, and cameras were all I needed to escape the harsh realities of the world. It was a dream I made into a reality.

That's wonderful Janee'. Much respect. When did you first decide to work in the film industry? What are  your skills?

Janee' - Two years ago actually when I took a t.v. studio techniques course at College. The teacher gave us an assignment to create our own show and I came up with "Caught Up". That's when I realized that I could incorporate  my writing, directing, editing, producing, and acting skills. The film industry allows me to express my vivid imagination. I have the ability to hear a song, someone's story etc just once andI create an illusion in my head. I see a scene play out while I'm reading, talking, or listening. It's as if my imagination creates a fantasy that becomes reality.

Wow! That's amazing. You're very gifted. Have you worked on any recent projects? Are you  working on anything for the future?

Janee' - Yes, I've worked on various projects. My most recent is "The  Life of Monica: Caught Up". I'm transforming "Caught Up" into a mini series. In the future I'll be working on music video, short films,  and movies.

Well I'm definitely looking forward to when I will hear your name  a lot in the entertainment business based off of your work. What are your goals as you continue to work in the film industry?

Janee' - My goal is to become a TV producer/director. There is no limit to our abilities so  I see myself having various t.v. shows, movies, books, music videos, magazine, clothing line, restaurants, and even my own network like Oprah.

Janee' Smith is a very inspiring individual.  I'm sure she will continue to do great as a successful black woman.

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