Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Designer Adisa: "AdianiC"

Adisa Christopher is the owner of her clothing line "AdianiC". After taking sewing classes as a young girl, she started to make her own school uniforms and her peers were impressed. Throughout the years she improved her skills by creating skirts, blouses, and shorts. Soon after, Adisa began to make gowns.  Check out our interview below as we discuss more about her success and life as a fashion designer.

Adisa, I hear you're a phenomenal designer. I'd like to know more about your background. Where are you from?

Adisa - You have definitely heard right. I was born in Arizona, but raised in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands since I was only months old.

That's cool. What inspired you to be a fashion designer? How long have you been designing clothes?

Adisa - I was inspired by just wanting to be different. Being from a small island, it is very common to go to a function and someone else is wearing the same thing as you. I started sewing and designing when I was 12, and I will be 22 in 2.5 months. I launched my clothing line "AdianiC" in 2010 and my Carnival/Festival Troupe "Radekal Ravaz" in 2011.

Nice! You've been designing for quite some time now. What services do you offer? Have you ever designed clothes for any fashion shows?

Adisa - I offer many services such as: evening and cocktail dresses, prom dresses, casual wear, swimwear, and some men's wear to name a few. I have participated in 2 shows last year. The 2nd "Annual Caribbean Fashion Extravagaza in Brooklyn" and "Virgin Islands Fashion Week (VIFW) hosted in St. Thomas, USVI. I also designed evening wear dresses for contestants participating in the "Ms Jamaica-US" pageant and the "Ms VI-PR Pageant". This year I will be particularizing in the "Plitz Swimwear Passion for Fashion" runway show, the "Bikini Under the Bridge" fashion show, and the 3rd "Annual Caribbean Fashion Extravaganza".

Wow, that's amazing. I must say that your clothing is very unique. Ladies I advise you to check out Adisa's swimwear collection 2012! What is your overall goal from a designers' perspective?

Adisa - My overall goal is to have my line in many stores worldwide, but to still be able to create unique one of a kind pieces for clients who enjoy them.

It excites me to see the designers creativity through clothing. I love everything about fashion and will surely support AdianiC. Check out the pictures that showcases some of her pieces.

Twitter: Adisa_SF2D
Facebook: Adisa ChristopherFacebook Fan Pages: AdianiC by Adisa Christopher  & Radekal Ravaz Festival Troupe


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