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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Designer Adisa: "AdianiC"

Adisa Christopher is the owner of her clothing line "AdianiC". After taking sewing classes as a young girl, she started to make her own school uniforms and her peers were impressed. Throughout the years she improved her skills by creating skirts, blouses, and shorts. Soon after, Adisa began to make gowns.  Check out our interview below as we discuss more about her success and life as a fashion designer.

Adisa, I hear you're a phenomenal designer. I'd like to know more about your background. Where are you from?

Adisa - You have definitely heard right. I was born in Arizona, but raised in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands since I was only months old.

That's cool. What inspired you to be a fashion designer? How long have you been designing clothes?

Adisa - I was inspired by just wanting to be different. Being from a small island, it is very common to go to a function and someone else is wearing the same thing as you. I started sewing and designing when I was 12, and I will be 22 in 2.5 months. I launched my clothing line "AdianiC" in 2010 and my Carnival/Festival Troupe "Radekal Ravaz" in 2011.

Nice! You've been designing for quite some time now. What services do you offer? Have you ever designed clothes for any fashion shows?

Adisa - I offer many services such as: evening and cocktail dresses, prom dresses, casual wear, swimwear, and some men's wear to name a few. I have participated in 2 shows last year. The 2nd "Annual Caribbean Fashion Extravagaza in Brooklyn" and "Virgin Islands Fashion Week (VIFW) hosted in St. Thomas, USVI. I also designed evening wear dresses for contestants participating in the "Ms Jamaica-US" pageant and the "Ms VI-PR Pageant". This year I will be particularizing in the "Plitz Swimwear Passion for Fashion" runway show, the "Bikini Under the Bridge" fashion show, and the 3rd "Annual Caribbean Fashion Extravaganza".

Wow, that's amazing. I must say that your clothing is very unique. Ladies I advise you to check out Adisa's swimwear collection 2012! What is your overall goal from a designers' perspective?

Adisa - My overall goal is to have my line in many stores worldwide, but to still be able to create unique one of a kind pieces for clients who enjoy them.

It excites me to see the designers creativity through clothing. I love everything about fashion and will surely support AdianiC. Check out the pictures that showcases some of her pieces.

Twitter: Adisa_SF2D
Facebook: Adisa ChristopherFacebook Fan Pages: AdianiC by Adisa Christopher  & Radekal Ravaz Festival Troupe

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

B'More: New Mixtape Release

Check out my interview below with B'More as he discusses the release of his new mixtape!

Congrats to the release of your new mixtape! Can you tell me more about it?

B'More - Thank you so much, it's been a lot of hard work and took a lot of patience on this project. It is a 14 track album with two Spoken words done by my long time friend and brother Robert Swain Jr. It's my second mixtape in the last year and already it has gained great reviews from New Jersey to Orlando to France, and of course the Virgin Islands.

It sounds intriguing. What collaborations have you done?

B'More - Collaborations on the album are "Xcel da don", Da Jedi, up and coming duo by the name of "Epik and Neekz". I also networked  with some producers from France by the name of "Engy". There is "Mtech" who goes to Full Sail University from LA, Chaurbin "Bition" Smith who is my big brother from the Virgin Islands attending Full Sail University as well. "Michael  "Cavy" Kavangh" who is from the VI and also attends Full Sail University. I tried to stretch my hands and open my options and my music creativity to make the mixtape stand out.

Wow, that's a lot of collabs. Congrats on that too! So B'More, what song would you recommend me to listen to off your mixtape and why?

B'More - This is a tough question cause I feel like every song relates to different situations in our lives. There's the club song, the relationship song, the song for the middle of the night "if you know what I mean". There's that song that will take you to that place where you get inspired. But my personal favorite will be the one  I will release pretty soon as my new single is "Last One". It speaks volume to a relationship and the stuff you go through. It convinces you not to leave and start a brand new relationship with someone else because you have problems with your significant other. It surrenders you to stay and work it out because you want to be the "Last One" ever go through something with because that's when "Forever" starts.

It sounds like you have a variety of topics on your mixtape. I'll just listen to the whole thing. Are you currently working on any new projects or events?

B'More - I am presently working on a 3-part documentary. Part 1 and 2 are out and will be released this  week. It's called "B'More's ForeverMusic Mixtape Series". It's just about my life and my journey through the Mixtape. I just felt that my fans never got to see that side of me because it's very genuine and I felt it they saw my hard work instead of seeing the gift and hearing they will appeal more to my music. It's a difference  when people see hard work. I am also in  the process of putting together a mini tour around the Virgin  Islands with fellow rap artist Da Jedi, since my mixtape is out and his album is releasing in June 2012 so we are bringing that into fruition by next month. I have a show on April 2nd and then on the 20th. So I am getting ready for those.

I'm so happy for you B'More. I think that your documentary is a great way to engage with your fans. What point do you think you are at in life? 

B'More - At this point of my life you can say that I'm still an inspiration for anyone who came up from nothing, becoming into someone great. I'm a RnB artist staying true to God, love, myself, and most of all the essence of music and what it truly does to the human race. I am at a good place in my life, a year away from graduating from college and I'm finding myself more and more each day through my passion, music.

I am so happy that things are wonderfully coming together for B'More. He's a wonderful person and artist. Please support his new mixtape!

Download Mixtape:
Twitter: @bmoresmusic
Fan Page:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Nawfwest Nyce

Check out my interview with an upcoming artist Darren "Nawfwest Nyce".

From what I understand you're an aspiring artist raised in San Antonio, Texas. Can you tell me more about your background?

Nyce - I was born in NY and my family moved down here when I was little. I lived the life just like everyone else. Good times, bad times. Did good, did bad. But I think it's different for me because I learned from my experiences and never let any of it hold me back. I'm 23 years old. My stage name is "Nawfest Nyce". I came up with the name because I live on the Northwest side of town and my friends have been calling me Nyce since forever so I just put the two together.

That's creative because honestly I was trying to figure out how that name came about. How long have you been doing music? 

Nyce - I've been doing music for years. It's always been a love of mine. I can think back to middle school banging on the table and freestyling with my people. As I got older, I started getting serious with it and exploring my talent and showcasing it. So from a serious aspect I'd say about 3 years now.

So Nyce what makes your music different from other artists in the industry? 

Nyce - My music is different because I stay away from the norm. I don't follow the trends. In the words of Big Krit, "I'm trying to make timeless music that lasts forever". I tell my life story in my music, and there's a meaning behind every line. I tell it all from my lowest to my highest moments.

That's abnormal these days. Stick to doing that and I'm sure you'll continue to be unique in the industry. Are you currently working on any  new projects or events?

Nyce - I just released my second solo project titled "Born To Win" so I've been pushing that pretty hard. I got a few vid shoots and shows lined up to end this month off. So I'm just making as much progress as I can.

I wish you the best with that. What are your future goals as  an artist Nyce? 

Nyce - I want to touch lives with my music. I never thought I would, but I already am. A few people have told some of my songs have made them see things differently or change the way they think for the better. That's crazy to me! I also want to learn every aspect of the game. I'm learning to dj and produce now. Once I get that down I want to learn some of the business side of it.

That's wonderful. It's such a great feeling when your creative works impact others. I wish Nawfwest Nyce the best in his career. Look out for this artist!

Official Site:
Twitter: @NYCE210
Facebook: /NYCE210

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Working In The Film Industry: Ray Morales JR

Check out my interview below with Ray Morales Jr as he discusses his life and experience of working in the film industry!

I'd like to know more about you. Where are you from? Can you give me a snippet of your background?

Ray - I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was the only child and my mother raised me. It wasn't easy growing up in North Philadelphia with all the bad influences around but I somehow found a way to stay out of trouble. I graduated from Northeast High School and moved to Florida when I was 22 years old to start my college career at Full Sail University.

Nice. When did you first decide to work in the film industry?

Ray - I first decided to work in the film industry when I watched my first film. It was the horror movie "Halloween", and I will never forget the effect and impact that movie had on my life. I t inspired me to become a filmmaker and learn all the tricks and trades on how to make a film. I also loved music videos, and watched them constantly as a teenager and also pictured myself making them one day. I loved director Hype Williams and wanted to be on his level of expertise. Hype Williams has influenced me to be in this industry and if you watch some of my videos you will see some of his signature effects.

That's very intriguing! Have you worked on any recent projects? Are you working on anything in the future?

Ray - I just finished working on two music videos, one for a local artist by the name of "Peter Pills", and one for an upcoming Philadelphia group "Top of Philly". Right now I'm working on a promotional video for SCMCMUSICCONFRENCE.COM, and in pre production for a new music video for a local Orlando artist "Peter Pills". I am also making a trip to Louisiana, and Texas this month for two more music videos and a couple of photo shoots.

That's wonderful Ray. I wish you the best in all of your projects and success in the industry! What are your goals as you continue to work in the entertainment industry?

Ray - My goal is to become a lead editor for a huge production company. I will also like to be a well-known music video director like "Mr. Hype Williams" himself, and would like to make a huge impact in the music video industry. I want people to know who I am and recognize me for my great projects and put my STAMP in this industry.

I definitely wish Ray the best as he continues to strive to reach his goals. I believe in him! Everyone look out for Ray Morales!



Twitter: @RayMoralesJR