Friday, February 3, 2012

Model & Entertainer: Diamond Cold

Check out my interview with Model & Entertainer, Diamond Ford "Diamond Cold".

So Diamond where are you from? Can you give me a summary of your background?

Diamond - I was born and raised in California Bay Area my entire life. I grew up in a household with my mother and father a younger sister and brother. I went to Berkeley High School in Berkeley Ca, where I started to get into art classes, afro-hasion, modern dance classes and I was even a cheerleader on varsity for 3 years. This opened my world to being an entertainer; the rush I got on the stage in the spot light made me feel at home.

Nice. So what inspired you to be a model and entertainer? Have you worked in any other fields of the industry before becoming a model? 

Diamond - When Twitter and Facebook became big I started pushing a lot of promotional work through media webpages for upcoming events and my part was mainly hosting club events. That's where I first started, I was inspired  by others I already knew in the same industry and the ideal of having a good time while making money sounded great to me. Which lead to my first modeling gig. I was asked by an upcoming photographer to do a shoot at Lake Merrit which brought a lot of attention my way. By then I changed my name to Diamond Cold. I tried changing it then people wanted the Cold back so the name stuck 2 years later.

Yea social media has opened a lot of people to become entertainers due to the availability of promoting events on their sites. Are there any recent projects that you've worked on? What can we expect from Diamond Cold in the future?

Diamond - I recently got signed to a bay area entertainment company who goes by the name Global Girls Entertainment. Which involved me in a fashion show. The proceeds went to children adoption agencies. I'm currently working on two upcoming photo shoots that I'm very excited about. One is a vintage shoot in San Jose Ca, and a pinup shoot which will be out doors in downtown Pleasant Hill. Can't wait! In the future you can expect a lot from Diamond Cold. A lot more photo shoots and fashion shows. I'll be hosting for different venues and  even Go-Go dancing. I plan to try all different aspects modeling and entertainment at least once to see what I truly enjoy.

That's wonderful Diamond. I wish you the best as you continue to work in this industry!  What is your overall goal as a model and entertainer?

Diamond - My overall goal as a model/entertainer is to help local artists if its either hair styles, make-up, clothes design videos and so much more. Also, to push confidence and beauty and positive thinking amongst all woman so we can be sister instead of all the hatred, which will create a bigger outcome for everyone.

Amazing! Everyone continue to look out for Diamond Cold.

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