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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


B.Payne, Brandon Payne, is a rapper/entertainer originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but stationed in Orlando for college at UCF. His lyrics are about real life and many of his songs are dedicated to his late mother. Check out the interview as we discuss his side of being an artist.

How long have you been doing music? Describe your style of music. 

I've been writing since I was very young. Always liked to write. I didn't start recording myself til like the 10th grade. I finished my first mixtape and kept going lol. Made alotta mixtapes that I sold throughout high school. Once I got to college back in 09, I started going ham. I became real serious and started making bigger moves like concerts and booking other shows. My style of music is a combination of lyricism of northern rappers and the "vibe" of the southern rappers. I just make music, don't really ever classify, just real ass music ya know. 

Yea, your music is very pleasing to the ears. How do you differentiate amongst your competitors in the industry? 

 At this point, I don't really consider them as competitors parse. For now they are inspiration, but when I make it (and yes I said when), I hope to just bring the Lauderdale vibe to the rest of the world.

Nice way to specify them as your inspirations. Who inspires you?

Honestly, everyone in this world inspires me in their own way. My deceased mother inspires and has always inspired me to do whatever I wanted that would benefit my future. My father inspires me to be about my business and to do anything I care about whole-heartedly. As far as other artists, not just rappers, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Kanye West of course, newcomers like Kendrick Lamar, K.R.I.T., ASAP Rocky, and the list will go on for days if you let it lol.

Wow!! LOL. Well it's nice to see that your inspirations are definitely not limited and diverse. Who are some artists have you worked with? Locally? Internationally?

Locally, I've worked with the 3TARDS, C-Note$, Bezz Believe, Joe Clark, 90-Nine, and a few singers named Neci and Aleisha.

I'm aware of some of those artists. They make good music. Do you have anything coming up? Events or new music?

Always yo. Parties, shows, new singles, random remixes just for my supporters to jam to while they wait for a full project. One big event coming up is my annual concert doooooe. That shit bouta CRAM so hard. I've done a big full length concert once a year since 2010 and always had a bigger turn out at the years progress. I plan on this one being even more of something to remember. Planning for February 2012 and calling it "The Beginning of The End" based off the 2012 myths.

Well, I think the title "The Beginning of The End" definitely will attract a crowd since you're basing it off the 2012 myths. Why should people listen/buy your music?

Of course they should if they wanna live lol. I'm just playing, but yea of course any artist would say that. I want critics, supporters, the whole nine. It's all about exposure. But buying my music as aof now, don't do it cuz I ain't been selling it. That's probably some bootlegger tryna rip you off lol.

Wow, well thanks for the heads up! What are your future plans as an artist?

Honestly, I just plan to keep perfecting my craft and growing. I plan to be successful and I'm taking the steps to get there, but what the future holds is for God to show me in the long run through my hard work and dedication. 

P.S. CRAMdat!!!! That's something I created and like to say. Stands for "Creating Real Ass Music". SWAG

I must say, I enjoyed this interview. The vibe I get from B.Payne is "realness". It's important to stay true to yourself as you progress through life. I recommend everyone to support this artist so that he can soon say "I made it".

Twitter: @BPayneThaRapper
Facebook Fan Page:
Latest Project:

Friday, December 16, 2011

No limits: Working In The Entertainment Industry

I've interviewed someone special, Ana Reina. She is my marketing teacher from my bachelor's program. Outside of teaching, Ana is very active in the entertainment business. Her work ethic is inspirational and she is someone important to know.

What different sectors of the entertainment business do you work in?

Artist Development and Management
Event Management
Marketing & Promotions
Public Relations

Wow, you have a wide range of areas in this business. When did you first become an Artist Manager? Who are some artists that you work with?

I've become an Artist Manager in year 2000. Some artist I work with; Anduze, Milka, Just Real, Afterglow Radio, The Lighter Exchange, Emily Kopp, Beebs and Her Money Makers

I've heard of some of those artist. Why is negotiating important for your part in the industry?

Negotiation is very important. It is what puts this industry in motion. Every day deals are being made.  A lot of people assume that negotiation is about money but true negotiation, especially for broke local acts, is the barter system of trade. Full Sail University is a perfect example of this. There are a lot of students who are looking to fill up their reel demo, art portfolio, or resume. A lot of my acts have taken advantage of that by providing them the opportunity to produce a video, create branding, develop album artwork, etc for them in trade.

Is there a time when you had to  separate the people from the problem when negotiating deals? 

I was taught a very important lesson once that you should not hire anyone you cannot fire. This means if you have your mother or best friend work for you and if it ever came down to it, could you fire them? Or be forced to just deal with it because you felt bad. Business is business and should never get personal. Always separate the two. Your business is your priority and along the way you will find the ones that are on board 100% and you will weed out the ones that aren't.

What other sectors of the entertainment business would you like to work in the future?

Producuing (i.e. Commercials, Films/Videos, etc)
Project/Operations Manager

Monday, December 12, 2011

Starting Off On The Right Note: Working for The Wendy Williams Show

I've had the privilege to interview a long time friend, Dianamarie Borrero. We've met in college and kept in touch over time. Currently, she has been granted the opportunity to work at the Wendy Williams show. I've interviewed her to discuss her perspective/role in the business and how negotiation plays apart.

Where did you attend college and what did you major in?

I attended Full Sail University and majored in Entertainment Business Bachelors Program.
I've received my bachelors in the same degree.  

Would you say that Full Sail University preps you for the real world?

Full Sail University definitely prepared me for the real world. I learned more about the industry and was able to communicate well with individuals already in the industry. 

I know from attending Full Sail that networking is a major factor especially when working in the entertainment industry. Which sector of the industry do you work in? How long?

I work in the Television Industry. I began working here on August 2011.

Congratulations by the way! I know most college students don't get the opportunity to working in the field that their degree is in. How does it feel to work for the Wendy Williams show? What's your current job description?

It's a privilege to work for The Wendy Williams Show. To work at a show that I've been a fan of for years feels very rewarding and fulfilling. My current job description is Audience Assistant. I'm in charge of booking the shows every day and making sure that we have a full studio each day.

That sounds like a cool job position. Is this where you've imagined working after college?

I've never really pictured myself working in television after college. I also saw myself working in the music industry instead. However, working in the television industry has opened my eyes to newer things. I've learned to love the television industry in a way that I never thought was possible.

Well that's amazing because you never know which direction life is going to take you. How important is your role to the company?

My role is very important to the company. Without an audience department at a live show there really isn't a show. You need audience members to keep the spirit of the show alive. It is up to our department to get those audience members and make the show that much more entertaining.

I understand completely. I'm sure your job keeps you very busy since you play such a huge role. How does negotiations play apart of having guests on the show?

Negotiations plays a big part in having guests on the show. If there is a popular celebrity who is relevant for the current time in which we would like to book for the show, we negotiate certain things with them in order to have them appear. Such things would include; providing them a flight to New York, a paid two night stay at a hotel of their choice, etc. There are many things that guests do not feel comfortable in doing/saying before appearing on the show. Therefore, we negotiate what we can and cannot ask them during the show. For example, one of our guests had a few questions in which they were not comfortable in asking therefore we replaced questions with another question in which they would have to answer if they did not want to answer the others.

Wow! It's evident that negotiating is a huge factor especially for the television industry. How important is it to separate the people from the problem when negotiating deals?

When negotiating with people it is still good to have some type of conversation with them before you go straight into what you need from them. You want the situation to be a comfortable one before handling the business. It's important to focus more on the business aspect verses personal.

I totally agree. I think it's always important to not take negotiations personal especially when it's for a business purpose. Since you are affiliated with the company, does it make your job easier? Is your work appreciated?

My job is still hard work regardless if I am affiliated with the company. However, everyone works as a team at this show. No one looks down to anyone. We all believe in working fairly and equally together. Every day we all say "good job" to each other and appreciate each other's work.

That's a good attitude to have. I'm sure with that vibe, you look forward to going to work every day! What are your overall goals as you continue to work in the entertainment industry? Where do you see yourself in five years?

My overall goals are to continue to network and get to know more people in the industry. I feel like the more people you know, the more experience you will gain. I see myself as a Publicist or Executive in charge for a show in five years.

Twitter: Miss_Dianamarie