Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Florida Festivals and Events Association

The Florida Festivals and Events Association promotes and strengthens the festival, event and fair industry in Florida. They offer an Annual Convention and Trade Show Program that targets event planners. The program includes seminars, educational sessions, and networking events. They highlight on different ways event planners can manage and grow their events. Their social networking boot camp informs the attendees the importance of having social media accounts. They explain what it means, how it works, and if it’s beneficial. It’s a very interactive session that encourages the event planners to start operating on the networks that are useful to them. The program offers a “First Timer’s Event” that allows the attendees to have a networking experience. They have different techniques established that encourages the attendees to mingle with one another. Lastly, they have a “Planning & Operating An Outdoor Festival” workshop. It covers the strategies of creating, planning, and operating an outdoor festival. Some things that they highlight on are budgeting, sponsorship, marketing, volunteers, entertainment, logistics, and promotions. The Annual Convention and Trade Show Program is beneficial to the Florida Festivals and Events Association. The workshops that they provide are fundamental not only to event coordinators, but also producers, suppliers, and sponsors. It is important as an event planner to always remain innovative with ideas. All event planners must have outstanding communication skills. That’s how the networking sessions are useful. An event planner’s career is based on building experience. The Annual Convention and Trade Show Program could affect the event planning industry in a positive way. They are enlightening people by offering beneficial techniques that encourages you to stay alert of what’s new in the society. An event planner is to remain aware of the strategies that make a successful event. By attending these workshops, it extends the opportunity for the attendees to broaden their work ethics.


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