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Thursday, April 19, 2012

TGC: "The Glorius Connect"

What are the benefits of networking? It is an important thing to do in the entertainment industry. A lot of job opportunities and great connections are made this way. "The Glorius Connect" is a global connection of elite hardworking talented individuals. Check out my interview with the creator of TGC!

First and foremost I'd like to thank you for this interview. What is the purpose of TGC?

TGC - TGC stands for "The Glorius Connect". It's kind of like the Columbian without the drugs; high quality service at a competitive rate. But here, we only deal with entertainment. The purpose of this company is to connect serious professionals with professions of their need at a competitive rate, as well as with other professionals in their field.

What is your role in TGC?

TGC - I'm Glorius, The CEO and Co-Founder, along with my partner Ricky Cross. We both are recent Full Sail University graduates. We oversee the basic operations of facilitating these connections between the recording artist or client and the services that we specifically work with to make sure the job is done efficiently. Our main role is consulting and connecting the recording artist or client with competitive rates at which they would then be able to pursue their dreams while saving tons of money throughout it.

That's informative and very helpful. Have you seen great success with TGC?

TGC - The company began in 2011. We are growing strong as we've reached our second year with new and talented artists, services, and projects coming in left and right. Currently, we are focusing on a full year ahead of us. The word success is taken very seriously here at TGC. So no, to be honest we have not reached a level to where we can be able to even use the word success, but progress is more like it! We believe that the more of the progress, the faster we reach our outlined level of success. So ask us this question in about 6-8 months and we should be closer to our main goal of proper success.

Well I definitely appreciate your honesty. We all have our different levels of success  and I'm sure that TGC will reach it soon! What are your overall goals as you both continue to work in the entertainment industry?

TGC - Well first, before anything we want to have fun! While at the same time making professional and personal connections with the individuals that we come in contact with. We also want to create a comfortable atmosphere that allows professionals to work together rather than working against each other to entertain the masses. The goal of becoming legends in the eyes of many through our various community activities, such as food and toy drives will be sponsored by major companies. Our goals change often when we notice a new issue to solve, but our most ultimate goal is to change the world.

I am also apart of TGC's group on Facebook. I encourage you to join to experience great networking opportunities! 

Official Website:
TGC Twitter Page: TGCNEO
Facebook Fan Page: The Glorius Connect

Friday, April 6, 2012

Simone The Fashion Stylist: "Simonipulation"

Check out my interview below with fashion stylist, Simone Webb!

I know you're from Buffalo, NY. Could you tell me more about your background and childhood?

Simone - I grew up semi-poor I guess you can say. My parents split up when I was 5 and I lived with my mother and 2 brothers. We struggled a lot but I was a happy kid. I was a nerd in school and always got good grades. I was always very social and often got into too much trouble for talking too much in class. I always had lots of friends and even when I was young, I had a strong fashion sense.

I love your work. When did you know that you wanted to become a fashion stylist/consultant? What inspired you?

Simone - I actually discovered what I wanted to do about a year ago. I started off going to college for communications, and then switched to early childhood thinking that I wanted to be a teacher. Then I finally sat down and thought about what I was really good at. Every time we went out my friends would all ask my for my opinion, or I would end up somehow picking out their outfits. So I decided that I was going to be a stylist. I asked 2 of my closest friends and they told me to go from there. The rest is history!

That's cool! Can you tell me more about "Simonipulation" and what it means?

Simone - Simonipulation is a mix of my name, Simone, and manipulation. What I do to a person's style, look, and wardrobe is manipulation. I put my own  little flavor, twist, and style on something and people always tell me that the looks I put together are nothing they would ever fathom.

That is so creative. I love it! Are there any other services that you offer besides styling?

Simone - I also make custom made earrings, and I act as a personal shopper!

Oh yes, I've seen your earrings and they are very unique! I will definitely hire you as my personal shopper one day too. What is your overall goal for "Simonipulation"?

Simone - I want to make Simonipulation a household name! I want the world to know what I can do, but I also want to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what. I have no college degree, no big support system, and Lord knows I'm not rich, but what I do have is ambition, and a drive for success. I won't stop until I'm dead!

Simone's story is truly inspiring. Become a fan of "Simonipulation" on Facebook!