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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NFL: "A Crucial Catch"

October is The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Around this time people work together to provide information on the disease. But sadly, this month is coming to an end. However, I’d like to highlight how the support of the NFL players made a great impact on my life. The NFL has a campaign called “A Crucial Catch”. Throughout October, NFL games feature players, coaches and referees wearing pink game apparel, on-field pink ribbon stencils, special game balls and pink coins – all to help raise awareness for this important campaign. I appreciate the support and awareness from the athletes. Breast cancer is a cancer that starts in the tissues of the breast. Over the course of a lifetime, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancerUnfortunately, I lost my grandmother to breast cancer earlier this year. It’s not a good feeling being the family that loses someone dear to him or her especially since this disease can move so quickly. That’s why it’s so important to bring awareness and to raise money for this cause. What most people don’t realize is that breast cancer can occur with men too. That is why I admire how the NFL has engaged the players to help bring awareness. They have set a trend with wearing pink gear for the month of October. Even young kids from elementary to high school have mocked them.  The NFL has conducted a breast cancer promotion to benefit the Society’s efforts to save lives and create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays. The NFL chose the American Cancer Society as the official charity for its October 2009 – 2011 breast cancer efforts, which include awareness activities, cause-related marketing, and an online auction. If you go to you will be able to view all of the activities and ways that you can donate money for breast cancer. Think of it this way, each dollar you donate can be a life that you save. Just because October is coming to an end, doesn’t mean that your support has too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The LadySonya Network

It is very important to network if you want to succeed in this industry. There are so many networking companies and opportunities that people aren’t really aware. One specifically is “The LadySonya Network”. I’ve interviewed the networking genius and was able to learn more about what her business offers not only to the entertainment industry but also to the young people who are seeking an opportunity to be apart of the movement.

Can you give me a little background about yourself? Who is Ms. Lady Sonya?

Who is LadySonya? LadySonya is somewhat an alter ego I’ve created. Back in 2008 I decided to start a business; LadySonya Music Studio LLC. In the process of developing a name for the company I thought to call myself LadySonya instead of Ms. Sonya. Which is my musician name. In a nutshell that’s where the name came from. As for who is she? LadySonya is really person who isn’t afraid of the word NO. She’s a very business minded person, always working on a business plan, a musician, a caring person, and she’s natural (hair). LOL.

Ha ha ha, nice. So what exactly is the background of your network?

The LadySonya Network is a business networking organization dedicated to highlighting, connecting, and empowering aspiring music industry people and entrepreneurs while creating opportunities for growth through valuable info about the business world.

The LadySonya Network sounds like something this industry needs. What made you begin this profound movement?

Great Question! Being a musician for over half my life and having huge dreams about doing the very thing I do now, I decided to start an organization to help people who were just like me... trying to figure it out. What sparked the move to start the company this year was the fact people would write/email literally everyday asking for help with setting goals and some would ask how did I become an entrepreneur or what advice could I give them. I thought since I’m viewed as a walking network... why not START one. So there you have it... The LadySonya Network. ;)

Wow, that’s amazing how things came together for you. What services do you offer? What kind of events?

The services are not limited. The business is fairly new, established April 2011. The ultimate service we offer is the ability to promote and market you on the website and through our social media networks. There’s a page on the website (Network Directory) that is geared to other businesses I find unique in the industry to helping up and coming artists and entrepreneurs. We also provide services such as branding, graphic designing, and developing.

Events- I look to host a huge Launch party at the beginning of next year and you can look forward to seeing informative seminars also. Also, there will be an online show aired weekly. I have soooo much in store for TLSN.... it’s really exciting!

Wonderful! I’m looking forward to everything TLSN has to offer. I think the LadySonya Network is so informative for young people. What is the main goal behind it?

Thanks! I am actually the one behind the twitter @TheLSnetwork giving valuable information through experience. I’m always learning so when I come across something/obstacle I’m excited to inform my social media family. The main goal behind everything is to EDUCATE. Whether it’s through reading my tweets,blogs, or if people decide to schedule a one-on-one consultation. That’s really the main goal. The network was built to inform those who can’t go off to school or if they went and still didn’t grasp the knowledge they needed to expand on their goals and dreams.

I agree. Your posts are very informative to the young generation. Do you offer internships for people that are interested in the Entertainment Business?

Yes! Internships are available. Send resume to I’d love to help show the ropes to someone who is thirsty to learn things that go on behind the scenes. It’s hard work but well worth it. ;)

Yes, it’s important to first gain experience in the field and then begin to work in it. So where do you see The LadySonya Network in the future?

I see TLSN expanding to other cities outside of Atlanta. Also, I see the organization offering scholarships to help students as well as future business owners. Just helping people. I believe the main goal is to INSPIRE people all over. That’s an awarding feeling in it’s self.

Twitter: @TheLSnetwork
Facebook: LadySonya Fan Page
Networking Facebook: The LadySonya Network

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Serge-RIP(Dancehall Track)

No-ciety was founded by Serge Brooks, Tyshaun McQueen, and Kashif Freeman as a movement aiming to influence the act of protecting what you cherish rather than compromising to the standards of society. Although we dedicate most of our lyrical abilities to hip-hop/rap, we focus more on the music behind it which can branch out to a wide variation of genres.

Artist: Serge
Twitter: Serge_Muzic
Download Link:

Looking Past Limits

Caroline Casey is a profound speaker that has dedicated part of her life to changing how global society views people with disabilities. She did a TED talk about Looking past limits. In the beginning she engaged the audience and asked if they remembered what they wanted to be when they were 17. Caroline wanted to be a biker chick, race car driver, a cowgirl, and Mowgli from The Jungle Book because they were all about being free. She discovered at age 17 that she has been legally blind her whole life. She wasn’t aware before because her family treated her like a normal child. Her father always made her believe in everything. She later realized that she needed to be herself and to figure out what she wanted to do. Then, as founding CEO of Kanchi in Dublin, she developed a set of best practices (based on ISO 9000 quality standards) for businesses, to help them see “disabled” workers as an asset as opposed to a liability. Caroline said that freedom is being absolutely true to you. All you need is vision and belief. With those you will be able to make change happen. She is an inspirational speaker. I like how she didn’t make her disability obvious and didn’t want to be treated differently. Her model of speaking makes people look past limits and to be free. She overcame adversity by discovering who she was as a person and remaining true to herself. Her words are true and enlightening. It’s helped me develop a deeper understanding on how to remain open and unlimited. There are so many job opportunities in the entertainment business. As I continue on the road as an entrepreneur I need to be open to ideas and to try the unthinkable. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Camari Starrz: Fashion Designer

What does fashion mean to you? What is a stylist? There are many designers in this industry that are popular for their craft. Fashion is inspired by the simplest things. It’s popularity starts with the design and grows with the designer. I’ve had the opportunity to interview a gifted fashion designer, Camari Starrz. Not only is he a fashion designer but he is also a celebrity stylist and personal shopper. Doesn’t he sound like every girls dream J. Below is our interview.

Well Mr. Camari what led you to start the profound movement "The Starrz"?

Well, I’m a designer. This is why I call my work “The Starrz”. It’s just a representation of Greatness, not only for an Artist since they are the Starr, but the people that come together as one to make that Starr shine. Whether it’s your team of employees or your supportive fans. It’s for everyone. We all are Starrz.

Wow, that sounds so inspiring to young people. How did the name originate?

I came up with that name in 2009. It was catchy and powerful. A Starr is Positive. It’s like a good luck charm to me and again it just represents Greatness. I love Starrz.

I like the positive outlook that "The Starrz" has. Your custom designs are so unique. When did you first decide to create your own line of products and what are they?

I first decided to create my own line in Nov 2010 after my first fashion show in Miami. I specialize in custom shades, corsets, shoes, phone cases, hats, whatever you name I can embellish it!

Yes! Your creative technique is very unlimited and it shows through your custom designs. Who/What are your influences?

The Blondes are a big influence to me. I loved everything Alexander McQueen created. Also, Betsy Johnson for her over the top designs as well. I like the style of some musical artist too such as: Kanye West, Trina, Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, and Lady GaGa. They each offer something different to the fashion industry.

I'd have to agree since they are true fashion icons. So Camari, how does it feel when celebrities wear your custom designs?

I feel honored and great! I feel like my job is done. Not only for celebrities, but also for anyone that wears anything by Camari Starrz.

"The Starrz" is an innovative movement. Are you going to launch a website to offer your services to others any time soon?

Yes, I’m going to have a site accessible for everyone to order from. It should be up no later than December 2011.

Do yo have any projects that you're working on?

      I’m planning on doing my 2nd big fashion show in March that will be held at my B-day party. The name of the show will be called “I Am The Starrz”. I also have some people working on doing a mini city-to-city Fashion show tour at different High Schools and colleges. Which I think is gonna be Starr-tastic! Lol

I'm sure your fashion show will be most talked about next year. What does the future hold for "The Starrz"? 

“The Starrz” will have continuous growth of new creative ideas to expose to the fashion industry and to also have stores across the world. If not that I would want my line of designs in every high-end dept store such as: Saks, Neiman Marcus etc. They’d carry my custom pieces. I also desire to do a cologne fragrance soon.

A special thanks to Camari Starrz for agreeing to this interview. I think that it’s important to see different aspects of the fashion industry and to also know what aspiring designers are offering. I wish “The Starrz” nothing but the best as the company continues to grow.

Below are pictures of some of the customized designs and celebrities that has worn his pieces.


Facebook: Camari Starrz