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Friday, March 8, 2013

JD2: His Current Journey

Check out my interview below with James Davis!

Where are you from? Could you give me a snippet of your background?

Hey, I’m from Buffalo, New York, but spent most of my life just 20 minutes away in a small suburb, Williamsville. I started out taking video classes in high school and I saw how serious I was about it, and it eventually led me to go to film school and here we are today!

That's cool! When did you first decide to work in the film industry? What are all of your skills?

Pretty young actually. When I was about 11 years old, my church started
broadcasting the services on television. I started out just doing little thing to help
out the media department, but once they allowed me to operate the camera I knew
it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. At least in some aspect. Its funny,
as time went on I found that I love directing music videos, even though editing,
camera operating and photography are other skills that I have and also enjoy doing.

That's amazing JD. Have you worked on any recent projects? Are you working on anything for the future?

I actually just shot a music video for an artist signed to island Def Jam named Cris Cab earlier this week. It was so cool to be given such an opportunity like that, and shoots like this actually open more doors and get me more jobs to do in the future. I'll always be working on something in the future, I try to stay busy by continuing photo shoots and editing other directors music videos. All this keeps my mind fresh and in that creative element.

I'm so happy for you! Great things continue to happen. What are your goals as you continue to work in the entertainment industry?

As I progress as a Director everyday and as a creative in general, I make new goals for myself very often. One of my biggest goals that I really want to achieve is becoming a signed Director. I don’t want to be your average director; I really want to be a director that actually has a following, cult or fan base. I’m just a very social person and I love people, and having a fan base is super cool to me. Also just having fun at all times while I do this, it can get very stressful, but if you have fun all the
time, it makes it that much better.

Contact Information

Twitter: @JD2Pictures