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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DJ Upgrade

Check out my interview below with DJ Upgrade!

Tell me about yourself. Where are you from? 

DJ Upgrade - I was born in south California raised in the Oakland/Bay Area. I'm one of "Too Short's" newest artist, and I'm next up. I got my name cause I always try to upgrade my verses and I know how to do a lot of things.

That's dope. How long have you been rapping? What else do you do? 

DJ Upgrade - I've been rapping serious for 4 years. I'm also known for producing just as much as rapping. I know how to engineer and I mixed majority of my hits but I stopped as soon as I found a solid engineer.

Cool. So who are some artists that you've worked with? Are you internationally known?

DJ Upgrade - Too Short, E40, Sleepy D, D-lo, Love Rance, St. Spitta, Wifey, Db tha General. We came up together.

Oh yes, I recognize some of those artists. What differentiates you from other rappers that are already known in the entertainment industry?

DJ Upgrade - The same thing that put them on, originality. I don't even sound like a bay rapper. That's because I built my style this way. I have my own sound, but don't get me wrong I feed the club with bangers and the same thing goes with the street. I have songs like Unthinkable, Reflection, and my theme song where I showcase how lyrical and deep I can take the audience.

No doubt! Now what would you say have been your biggest accomplishments thus far?

DJ Upgrade - I'm on the "Too Short/40" project track 17 CALI and I produced the track. I'm on 2 tracks off of his "No Trespassin" album too.

That's definitely wassup. Do you have any specific goals as being in the industry?

DJ Upgrade - As far as the industry imma network my ass off but I don't wanna fall into the hype of making music for the industry or established rappers. I wanna show the industry that bay rappers are lyrically marketable etc. I wanna be signed or have an independent lable under my belt by the end of the next summer.

Contact Info
Twitter: @DJ_Upgrade
Facebook Fan Page: DJ Upgrade 
Youtube: Upgrade211