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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rap & Hip-Hop Artist: RyMic The King

Check out my interview below with rap/hip-hop artist RyMic The King!

I’d like to know more about you. How did you come up with your stage name “RyMic The King”?

I came up with the name RyMic The King because RyeMike was always a nickname that some members of my family called me, but I used to hate it so bad. It was ridiculous. It’s quite a story as to why I chose the name, so brace yourself haha. I was in that stage where I rapped, but I couldn’t find the right name. I went through about 5 million of the corniest names on earth until I finally settled on my initials. I figured “Hey! They’re my initials, what could go wrong?” Then I saw other people with the name being used as an acronym, businesses using the name, diseases, etc. The thing about acronyms is that people use them so much that they can be used by anybody for any meaning. Plus the thought that there are so many other people with those initials that even more people could try to use it too made me ditch it. Once I scrapped my initials, I was in that stage where I was going through corny names again that about 5 million people already had. I remember my cousin telling me he was going to rap against some guy named “illicit” and to look him up, I looked up the name and there were a ton of cookie cutter artists everywhere with the same name. That was after I chose my name, but it’s an example of exactly something I didn’t want. I chose RyeMike despite not liking it figuring others wouldn’t like it too. Putting in mind all of the other people named RyeMike, I spelled Mike with a C so it was “Mic” like a microphone. I dropped the e in Rye because it really isn’t necessary and then to make it even more likely that nobody would ever touch my shit, I added “The King”. I chose “The King” not knowing that a bunch of other jabronis out here are calling themselves “Da King” or “Tha King” or something along those lines. I had no idea that people were doing that, I just chose “The King” because I made two songs before the name change called “Taking Over Your World” and “Kingpin Ballin’” and I just kind of carried that over into the name.

Now that's a funny story. At least you have a great story behind your name. I think it's very catchy. What encouraged you to pursue a career in the music industry? What all do you do?

Nothing and nobody encouraged me to pursue a career in the music industry. It’s just something that I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. Through the years people have told me to be more realistic and to try doing something else instead. I don’t want to do anything else. This music is it for me. Although after a while of doing music, everyone who hears my music and tells me “That was awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing!” really keeps me going. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t hear those things.

I understand. Well it's good that you've developed a passion for music. I'm sure the motivation will keep you going. Who are some artists that you’ve worked with? As a hip-hop artist, how do you stand out?

As an artist, I am a little different because I rap about different things. A lot of subjects I rap about, nobody else does. If they do use the same subject, they certainly don’t do it the same way that I do. Another thing that sets me apart is that I make a lot of funny songs, but they are not all funny. Whereas artists like Weird Al make only funny songs and artists like DMX make songs that are always hardcore, I could go either way. I like to give off the vibe that I’m a funny guy, but I’m not a joke.

I’ve worked with artists from all over. Some of the artists that I’ve worked with are: No Emotion Goldmask, Toombs, Slick Chops, and Snail.

That's a creative niche and will help you stand out as an artist. Are you currently working on anything new?

As of right now, I’m just pushing my last mixtape (The Way Mixtape 2) farther out. I’m currently on a talent search for other artists and producers to work with on future projects. I do occasional collaborations on other artists’ projects too. I am considering getting a label off the ground, but at the moment I have labels looking my direction to sign me as an artist, so I’d like to hear what they have to say first before I go all out and get other people involved in my movement.

That's wonderful! I hope that works out for you RyMic :). Do you have any specific goals as you continue to work in the industry?

My first goal in music is to be successful as an artist. By successful, I mean that I want to be able to go on tour and book shows anywhere in the country and have a great turnout. I want people to hear my music from all around and respect what I do. My second goal is as a businessperson. I want to be able to make money from my music so that I can live without doing another job that I don’t like to do. Nobody expects anybody from other professions to get jobs to support themselves. If you
want to be a lawyer, nobody says that you could stock shelves at Wal Mart and be a Lawyer too. They just expect them to be a lawyer. That’s the way I think it should be for me as an artist. I shouldn’t have to work the drive thru window just to live, and then make music on the side for almost nothing. I just want to make music and support myself from my music and my music alone. Ideally, I’d like to make enough to where I won’t have to worry about rent and things like that. I just want to have things paid so I could just live free and do what I love to do.

I definitely wish you the best in your career journey. Please keep in touch so that I can offer a way of help along the way! 

Contact Information

Free Mixtape:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pure Creator: Vavi Crude

Check out my interview below with Ms. Vavi Crude! 

Tell me about yourself.

I’m a pure creator. Many refer to me as the “weird chick” and I embrace it. It means I’m doing SOMETHING right. To be “weird” means I’m noticed for my originality. That’s the utmost compliment to an artist.

I'm sure it is. What is your profession in the industry? Tell me of when you discovered your talent.

I’m a visual artist. Over the years I’ve acquired so many skills that I can no longer tie myself to a single profession. I do it all, from drawing portraits and painting murals to mastering photoshop which lead to a career in graphic design, including animation. I’m a crude tagger when time allows. When I find myself around a blank canvas, whether it be a pair of shoes, some one's nails, a wall, it doesn't matter. I grab a marker or some paint and get down to business. I’ve always been hungry to grow as an artist every since grade school. Once I discovered that my passion could be my career, I set out to conquer my dreams of being a memorable creator. 

Wonderfully put. That feeling of when you discover all that you can do with what you're passionate in is indescribable. What are some challenges that you face working in this industry? 

Wow, where do I begin. At this point I would have to say one of the challenges would be establishing a lane. By doing so many different styles of art, I’ve easily gotten lost in the mix. There are so many talented artists in the world, but the key to being noticed is branding your own originality. For example, Picasso, Dali, Andy Warhol... These are all names that we’ve heard of. I hope to one day be apart of a list of memorable artists. The most important challenge to overcome as an artist is tuning the world out. Yes, I’m aiming to be noticed, but It can’t be done until the criticism and opinions of the world are ignored. I recently discovered that subconsciously I’ve been letting the world edit my expression. The realization was a hard pill to swallow but also a breathe of fresh air. It filled an emptiness I was feeling with each project I created. I’m no longer giving “projects”. I’m giving out my signature to be seen by the world. Not just some artist. I’m Vavi Crude!

Woah! Your answer was so powerful. I believe that you will be very prosperous by keeping that mindset. Very impressive Vavi. Who have you done work for?

I’m the visual curator for Jr.Celeb, a business full of talented minds based in Chicago. 
I’ve done a number of visuals for hip-hop artists from all over. Some of my work will be debuted as the cover art for upcoming Chicago artists such as Jon Content, WeWinnin, and a collaboration piece for Freddy Boom.  I’ve lost count of the number of logos, flyers, illustrations, portraits, nails, shirts, shoes, tattoo sketches.. I mean the list goes on. See, I had to choose a lane! 

You definitely have a mix of experience. Are there any new projects/events that you’re working on? 

I’m currently painting... ALOT. I will be having an art show at the end of this month. It’s time to show Chicago that I’m here and there’s a bunch of dope shit going on in my brain. Give the world a preview of what’s to come from Vavi Crude.

An art show?! Wow! I'd love to come to it. Remember to give me the information. What can we expect from Vavi Crude in the future?

I'm in the process of studying the art of tattooing. That, along with becoming a nail artist along side amazing designer, Spifster, of Chicago. These two crafts are things I’ve put off for a while in order to learn the ins and outs of graphic design. Im ready to get my hands dirty again, I’m ready to make love to the Ink , paint, and polish. Birth some amazing CRUDE pieces. Its time to show what I can do. I plan to exceed my expectations, I always seem to surprise myself by breaking the limits I place in my own path. I’m ready to grow!

Be on the look out for this phenomenal young creator, Vavi Crude. This won't be the last that you hear about her :).

Twitter: @Vavicrude

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crystal Annick: That Girl

Finally, I've had the privilege to interview the very talented Crystal Annick. If you don't know of her I promise you'll know enough after this interview.

Tell me about yourself.

To start, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and grew up in a single parent household. Growing up as the only child, I had a huge imagination that I now believe is the reason for a lot of things that I do today. I like to label myself as a “jack of many trades”. I’ve already received my Bachelors degree in Art & Design and currently studying for my Master’s in Entertainment Business. That’s what I know about myself for sure as of today because I am always learning new things about myself everyday.

Nice. What is your profession in the industry? Tell me of when you discovered your talent.

I would say that my profession in this industry would be graphic design, public relations and marketing. I first discovered my talent for design around the age of 14, but didn’t take it serious until I was about 18 because it was then that I realized that I could use that to help me get into the other areas of work that I eventually wanted to be known for. Also…having Nicki Minaj use multiple design pieces that I did of her as promo during her come up helped me realize my talent a lot!

What a wonderful opportunity you were granted to start off on this journey! What are some challenges that you face working in the entertainment industry?

Being a female is definitely a challenge that I’m starting to face in this industry a lot lately. I always feel that I have to go extra miles just to prove myself. I don’t mind any type of challenge though because it helps me grow as a person and professional.

Wow Crystal, I'd have to agree 100%. We females do have to go the extra miles to prove ourselves, but in the end it only makes a more experienced and stronger. Who have you done work for in the industry?

As of today, I’ve done work for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, K. Michelle, So So Def recording artist, Dondria, Mindless Behavior, Kyron Leslie, Shanell of Young Money, D-Mac, and upcoming music production duo, De-Capo Music Group to name a few. I’ve also done work with Shanica Knowles, Jade Alston and Vakseen.

You go girl! People, do you see this young ladies credentials? This is only the beginning Crys. Are there any new projects/events that you’re working on?

Currently I am getting things together for two major projects that I plan to launch by the beginning of next year. I also have an event idea in the works that I will start working on to bring to life very soon. I’m always working on something!

I hope that works out well for you. Let me know if I can assist you in any way. What can we expect from Crystal Annick in the future?

I’m working extremely hard right now to be able to bring all of those visions I’ve had for myself to life. Only God knows what my future will really hold but one thing for sure is that you can expect much success from Crystal Annick!

To keep up with me, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@CrystalAnnick), add me on Facebook ( and be sure to check out my official website at

Thanks so much for your interest in me! :)

I love to see young women on the rise in the entertainment industry. I told you that you would definitely know who "That Girl" is after this interview. Check out Crystal's contact information and network with her! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jkl Werty: A Star On The Rise

I've been granted to opportunity to interview the very talented Jkl Werty. He is a young upcoming artist that is striving for greatness. Check out our interview below!

What encouraged you to pursue a career in the music industry?

Humanity encouraged me to pursue my career in the music industry. I hate seeing poverty and homelessness. I wanna do my part and make a difference in the world .  As a child growing up I was always admired by people, and I manage to make them smile no matter what they going through.

That's inspiring. How long have you been doing music? Describe your style.

As a child growing up I always loved music . At age 6 I started playing instruments like piano, guitar and drums. I describe my music as pop, hip hop with reggae flavor.

That's an interesting mix for a profound sound. So what makes you different versus your competitors in the industry?

All of my music have live instruments and we add a lot different sounds and style in my songs (reggae flavor with caribbean flow with the lyrics).

That's definitely a competitive advantage. Who are 3 people that inspire you and why.
Bob Marley he expressed true life experience with also solution .

Victorious big I saw the struggle how he turns a negative into positive. I'm really impressed by that and I know anything is possible

Michael Jackson we all know their is a little Michael in everyone . He took the world , through his music a lot of good for the world came out.

Kanye west -very creative also number one producer. He takes chances with different song of music and make them a hit I love making beats in my spare time maybe one day I can share it with the world.

They're all so inspirational and creative in so many different ways. Who are some artists that you’ve worked with? Anyone internationally?

"Barrington levy" we have projects in the studio in the making. "Magazine May Bach" artist also we have projects being made in the studio.

Wonderful! Are you currently working on any new projects or events?

I have 2 new single come out "stand down" very excited about that cause it expresses my true feeling about the negativity in the world (ex: stereotyping) .

I am ,you are , we are worthy movement is my new non profit organization . Teen awareness program for all races.

And" going going " featuring my new artists YMC young master Chris and Blaze man. Stay tune for that

You are definitely an aspiring advocate for the young generation. What are your future goals as an artist?

Hopefully I can carry the torch of the legends before me  who paved the way and make the world a better place because I know that what they wanted.

Make sure you become familiar with Jkl Werty. He's definitely on the rise.