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Friday, January 27, 2012

Organized Money Ent.

Check out my interview with Shaun Frisk about his company Organized Money Ent.

I'd like to know more about Organized Money Ent.

Frisk - Organized Money Entertainment originally began to support my own rap career. In the early days of the company, to earn money, we use to throw a bunch of parties in Richmond, Va. That was in like '08, my first club party was on my 21st birthday March 29th.... shout out to the Aries lol... but I got so caught up in party promotion that I forgot to focus on my music career. Then I went to college to gain more insight in to the business and that's all there is to know about OME right now. I graduate this summer and that's when I plan to revamp the company, music included.

Nice. So Frisk, what encouraged you to start your business?

Frisk - Well as honest as I can be, it was my lil homie Ron. I refer to him in a lot of songs as my Getting' Money Youngin aka GMY. He said he use to rap back in the day but when I met him he was a hustler, but not like your street corner hustler. He got all money. He was a pool boy in his apartments, had another job and still got money with me however we could *evil laugh*. Back then I had a studio in my room. You know the mic in the closet set-up and he was like  I should start a label and he'd be the co-owner with me. We joked  around with it but then we realized this could be another way to make money.  All we did was hustle and we wanted the name to reflect that. We were both good for a few extra hundred so we just went half on everything.  We started  out getting logos done, had shirts, jackets, and clothes for chicks. We were paying for the club before the party instead  of waiting to count the money at the door. We paid our street team, there were no rules with us. Organized Money Entertainment became our lifestyle, but not noticing any progress besides increased popularity encouraged me to choose the school route and return when the time is right.

You know what Frisk? I love your honesty. Everyone has to start somewhere in life and it's awesome that you chose to attend college so that the knowledge you'd obtain would help your business to become  more successful. Are there any new projects/events that you're working on?

Frisk - I mean it's no official project lined up but I have way too many songs done. I got a few on my soundcloud and reverbnation, but I really want to have some out around the time of my graduation this summer of '12.

Well we will definitely be looking forward to some material! What can we expect from Organized Money Ent. in the future?

Frisk - You can expect to hear the name more.  To stay updated with us please go like the  Facebook page Organized Money Entertainment.... thank you Tay it's always a pleasure.

If there is one thing I love, it's honesty. Every successful person has a story. In order to make it to greatness you have to first go through the process. That way your story can encourage someone else to make it. I've enjoyed this interview so much. Frisk doesn't sugar coat anything. Much  respect!

Twitter: @LLCoolFrisk
Facebook: Organized Money Ent.
Soundcloud: Shaun Frisk
Reverbnation: Shaun Frisk

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Model: Tiana Lee

Check out my interview below with model Tiana Lee as she discusses her background and accomplishments, and goals that she has in the future.

Tell me your background. Where are you from?

Tiana - I was born and raised in  Berkley, Ca. I'm currently in the process of moving to L.A. for the moment. I plan on traveling further and further each year and "Making My Mark". Growing up I was actually a tomboy believe it or not! My mother couldn't pay me to wear heels, now I can't live without them. From K-6th grade, I played the drums; At school I was the best female  percussionist. I've always had multiple talents, I just decided to put them to use in 2005. I guess you can say I officially found myself in High  School.  I continue to grow everyday though.

Wow!  I would've never guessed that you use to play the drums. What an amazing history. Tiana, what inspired you to be  a model? Have  you worked in  any other fields of the industry before becoming a model?

Tiana - My pictures actually inspired me to become a model. I loved to take pictures when I was younger and one day I realized I was natural. When I did my first photo shoot I realized it was what I love and I never wanted it to end. I branched out into the runway part of modeling and that also came very natural. I started  taking on more jobs and next thing  I know I'm getting paid for runway, photo shoots, videos, short films, extra work, etc. I took photography classes in high school, but then I became more interested in directing, I've shot two and now I write treatments and direct local artists videos. I thought I wanted to be a clothing designer, but now I'm an accessory designer.

Tiana,  you seem like you're the type of young lady that can do it all! I'm sure you inspire many. What are some recent projects you've worked on? Anything new for the future?

Tiana - My last video shoot was Drake ft. Tyga & Wayne - The motto. There's many more music videos ahead! I'm doing a calendar shoot as well as  a photo shoot for Valentines Day cards. I'm preparing for a fashion show that I will be modeling in & showing my accessory line (SURRENDER Accesories).

I would definitely like to hear more about your fashion show later. What is your overall goal as a model?

Tiana - My overall goal is to become the model they NEED and not the model they want. I want to be higher on the pedestal than Tyra Banks. I will be an entrepreneur. I absolutely have to be a role model. I want to show girls that under 5'8 that it is possible! It's going to take time, but I can and will accomplish my goal.

Tiana Lee is a very inspiring individual. It's rare to know models who have other goals such as being an entrepreneur. This young  lady does it all! Be sure to support her because I'm almost positive that this won't be the  last that we hear about Miss Tiana Lee, but only the beginning!

Twitter: @LoveTianaLee
Facebook: LoveTianaLee
Youtube: 1TianaLee

Monday, January 23, 2012

"The Entrepreneur: LG"

I've had the opportunity to interview an entrepreneur, Greg Mclendon "LG". As an entrepreneur, it is important to keep an innovative mindset. Check out our interview below as we discuss his accomplishments and values as an entrepreneur.

I'd like to know more about your background. Where are you from? 

LG - Well I'm originally from Dayton, OH but I have lived  a lot of places that have influenced me. Places like FL, MN, and MI. I am 23 years old and I own Industreet Productions, Industreet Mgmt, and Industreet Tv Films.

Wonderful! Where did you attend college? What was your major?

LG - I received my BS from Full Sail University and  I am currently studying for my master's degree as well. I majored in business specializing in entertainment business. Prior to me attending Full Sail, I went to two different junior colleges in MN where I played football for two years and I majored in liberal arts and multimedia.

Full Sail is a great college. I also received my BS in entertainment business. They inspire us to learn real world education and become entrepreneurs. What makes you an entrepreneur? What sectors of the industry do you work in?

LG - I've always had a strong sense for being an entrepreneur. One of my favorite quotes is "I don't discriminate on money" meaning if it's making money then I'm all in. Rather if it was working a legit job or in the streets. Money was money to me then so I never cared  how it came to me as long as it came. I think that was the start of it all. Once I moved to FL I decided to leave the streets alone but I still wanted to apply that same hustler/entrepreneur spirit to a real business or something productive. I named my company Industreet because that's exactly where it all started in the streets. My business ventures range from music and video production to business consulting and business management.

I love it! What a great brand name. Your story is inspiring LG. What are your overall goals as you continue to work in the entertainment industry? Where do you see yourself in five years?

LG - In five years I see myself being very successful in one of my business ventures and hopefully on my way from rich to being wealthy. I have so many different things that I love to do that I hope  to capitalize off a least one of those interests. But my overall goal is to become that go to producer of our time like Timberland, Dr. Dre, P Diddy, Clyde Davis, or Berry Gordy. Revolutionizing music in the same ways they did.

What a wonderful interview. I believe in LG to the fullest. I know for a fact that he'll reach his goals. I encourage everyone to have an entrepreneur mindset. It's nothing like having your own. Trust me, I'd know :)
Twitter: @Industreetfilms
Official Website:
Youtube Channel: Industreet tv films

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Maua (Ma-oo-uh) is a blossoming vocalist and lyricist with potential to critically touch the masses. Check out our interview below.

How did you become inspired to be a vocalist and lyricist? 

Maua - Well, first of all, I've been singing my whole life so my inspiration for vocal music is innate. Growing up, my mom was a local soul singer in the bay and seeing her perform all the time sparked something in me that I wanted to do the same thing with my life eventually. Being a lyricist didn't come until later on in my life when I joined BUMP Records which is a youth program in Oakland. I was initially doing spoken word, but once I got to BUMP and seen so many rappers, I decided to try it out. I give credit to Do D.A.T, who worked at BUMP and who's also a well known local artist, for teaching me how to put rhythm to my words. It just so happened that I was good at it and everybody thought I w as dope even when my confidence wasn't at its peek.

It's a wonderful feeling to be encouraged by others when your confidence isn't it's best. What is your style of music? What's unique about it?

Maua - Honestly, I'm still on a mission to find my definitive style... I'm exploring right now. But I'd say my style of music is just raw, honest, and reflective of what many people refer to as "urban" life. I just speak what I know and I use my truth as the base of everything I write. I think that's what makes it unique. The fact that I never allow my truth to tarnish within my music, no matter what audience I'm trying to reach. I stay true to me and how I feel.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with searching for your style. It's important to explore! So Maua, who has inspired you to continue on this musical journey?

Maua - My son is my main inspiration to stay dedicated to my journey. I had him real young so I have a whole different perspective on life than many people my age without children. I know that what I'm doing will eventually give him the life he deserves. Aside from him, everybody who's been in my corner from the beginning keeps me pushing. There's been plenty of times I wanted to quit and just go to school and  take the safe road; but my mother, my artistic mentors, musical peers, and my fans who stick by me and look forward to my next projects keep me motivated.

That's a wonderful perspective to have. Who are some artists that you've worked with? Anyone internationally?

Maua - I've worked with a lot of local Bay area artists such as Do D.A.T, Fly Guy, Dick Boston of Hot Head Ent., Kurse Krew, and a handful of producers. I haven't worked with anyone internationally yet.

Is there any artist that you would want to work with in the future? 

Maua - Definitely! I have so many, but I'd like to work first off with my mentor, singer Netta B who was signed to Atlantic. She's dope, and I'm so proud of her. Another artist I also want to work with is Wale, he's dope.

Nice. Are you currently working on any new projects or events?

Yes, I'm currently working on my next album, so I'm in the studio a lot knocking songs  out. My first single entitled "Insane" will be released soon. I'm also working on a collaborative mixtape with my long time friend and Bay Area rapper Fly Guy. We're just grinding right now getting work done.

What are your future goals as an artist?

My future goals as an artist are just to keep honing my craft, and being one of the best at what I do, especially vocally. I intend to be a big figure in this business so I'm taking the necessary steps. I see myself becoming an international figure and touching the masses with my art and connecting with people on the highest level.

Twitter: @queenmaua

Friday, January 13, 2012


Harry Duncan, better known as Ha-Rih, is an American rapper, producer, and business mogul from Richmond, Virginia. Check out our interview below as we speak about what led him to experience his musical journey.

What encouraged you to pursue a career in the music industry Ha-Rih?

Ha-Rih - Well I have always loved music. Ever since I can remember I have been a "Music Head". I was one of those kids that knew every line to every song and got those comments from my parents like "If you could do as good in school as you do with that music you would be on scholar roll". It didn't dawn on me that music was my calling until around age 17. Since I was 14 years old I have always spent so much time consumed in writing songs and producing tracks and never really looked at it or believed it was a profession for me. I mean I have always been a hip hop supporter and fan but I guess it's kind of hard to think of yourself pursuing such a career when everybody is pushing you to be a  doctor, lawyer or teacher, no pun intended. 

I must agree with you. Our generation have experienced that attitude and mindset more than most kids today. How long have you been doing music? Describe your style. 

Ha-Rih - I have been doing music since age 13-14 as a hobby or indirect passion  of mine. I began really just writing my thoughts and  conforming words at an age where I had a lot to say and didn't know who to tell it to. I began producing music around age 15 when a childhood  friend of mine  gave me this software called Fruity Loop also known as FL Studio. I would go home everyday after school a nd sit on this program teaching myself how to make beats until my mom made me get off and go to sleep cause it was  late and I didn't do my homework. This was the time I went from a supporter of the culture to taking steps towards becoming  a contributor.

My style of music has always derived from what I first became privy to in Hip Hop, the classic era is what I call it. I came up like a lot of my peers on the 90s style of hip hop with that old "boom bap" beat pattern and over worded  lyrical word play. That era is what I first fell in love with and what I aspired to emulate. At one point I was so close-minded about Hip Hop that as time went on I almost became shut off or against any artist who wasn't carrying on that essence style of  Hip Hop that I first began listening to. After a dope conversation with an ex co-worker of mine I began expanding my musical taste and personal style as well.  So today my music is a direct reflection of  Hip  Hop at its earlier stages infused with a modern approach  that encompasses influences from past, present, and future generations.

Wow, great way to explain your style Ha-Rih. I'm sure many people will appreciate that your music is a direct reflection of Hip Hop at its earlier stages. What do makes you different from your competitors in the industry? 

Ha-Rih - Looking at Hip Hop and music in general at its current state I feel as if there are a lot of niche markets. Meaning each  artist on the come up now-a-days is  almost the spokes person for a specific group of people and probably has a cult following. Although I feel cult followings  are dope and very loyal do to the personal connection they usually have with the artist; I also feel it can box in an artist from being able to break away from his or her norm freely. With my music being a direct reflection of me, my near and sometimes distant surroundings, my peers, elders and the world in which we live in I feel as if I cannot be put into a box and  labeled as easily. Like when people think of my music I would like them to think of that one song of mine they relate to so much they almost feel as they could have made it. One thing my listeners and fans can expect from me is change and diversity. I love music. Not one genre or sub market within it, but the art form itself. 

Ha-Rih, I love how you as an artist speak upon your uniqueness.  That's so important. Especially since you've stated that we can expect change and diversity from you. Name 3 people that inspire you and why.

Ha-Rih - My mother, my listeners, and God inspires me the most. My mother has always been an inspiration to me because of her drive  and persistence to do what she sets her mind to. She is the person who taught me not to be scared to take risks, to think outside of the box and  most importantly to be a go-getter. I grew up in a very traditional family and her out of the box style of thinking always attracted me to think the same. My listeners and believers are a very big  inspiration for me because they are the people that inspire me to do what I do. The love  and interest they show in my music and various efforts  pushes me to continue as I am reassured that the decision I made to follow my dreams was the right one. God is  an inspiration to me not only for obvious reasons but also his ability to touch a mass amount of people through spiritual presence and word while giving them something that adds to their daily lives.

Wow, I'd definitely have to relate you you with your inspirations. I must say, you're an honest person and that helps people make a better connection with you and your music. Who are some artists that you've  worked with? Anyone internationally?

Ha-Rih - What's funny is current I can count the amount of artist I have worked with on two hands. Since  my debut release "Digital Vinyl",  I have worked with many people but more producers than artists mostly. I guess this is due to me having so much to say being a fairly new solo artist and also just being very selective in who I think will compliment a song or project I may be working on. A few artists that I have worked with to date starting with my "Digital Vinyl" features are names such as Sleek, I.V., P, Smooth, Trey Woolridge, Rudafresh Prodcutions, Weava, and RcMentalSs.

I am very aware of some of those names. They're definitely great people to work with. So Ha-Rih are you currently working on any new projects or events?

Ha-Rih - Yes, like I said my first solo debut project entitled  "Digital Vinyl" is out now and available for free download. My next project entitled "The Syndication" will be out in early 2012 and will continue in volumes  throughout the year.

Wonderful! what are your future goals as an artist? 

Ha-Rih - My future goals as an artist is to continue to deliver quality music and in some way touch the masses through my efforts in doing so.

What a great interview with Ha-Rih! I encourage those who haven't experienced  his music to do so now and download "Digital Vinyl" for free!!

Mixtape Download Link for "Digital Vinyl":

Link to "Vibin" (Official Music Video) -

Twitter: @Ha_Rih

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Felton "Kapital" Brown: Artist Manager

Remember in Kane's interview I mentioned that I would be interviewing his manager? Well you can check out the interview below and get an inside scoop from the Artist Manager's perspective.

What encouraged you to become an Artist Manager?

Kapital - It's funny how I became an Artist Manger, because I had no desire at all to become an Artist Manager. In high school I was really into hobbies that involved entertainment whether it was  sports, music, fashion, or anything that caught the eye of the people, but even at that point with all the activities I was into I still had  no idea that working in entertainment would  be apart of my life forever. It wasn't until the beginning of my sophomore year in college while I was studying business administration that I realized that the entertainment business is my passion and that was  where I truly wanted to be. Kane who is now my business partner and lead recording artist over at 24/7  Hustle Entertainment is actually the individual that made me aware of my abilities, and I'm forever thankful to him.  Kane was always into music even when we were kids outside playing in dirt (lol). Kane will be playing in dirt but rhyming at the same time. He started a career in music very young. For about a year straight Kane approached me about this vision he had about us becoming music executives. In 2007 I finally gave in to his vision and  became his manager; the rest is history.

Wow, what a touching story. Who are some artists that you work with? 

Kapital - Well directly I work closely with the artist under the 24/7 Hustle  Entertainment emblem, which includes Kane, Gudda Fresh, Hound, and Relo. On an indirect tip I work with artist all over the power of the Internet as a consultant that can guide artist in the correct path. Social media has had a major impact on music industry. So aspiring recording artist contacts me all of the time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace about advice and ways to better their music.

I completely agree! Social media is one of the main platforms that aspiring artist use today. Kane, as a manger do you find it hard to plan, organize, & think strategically when working for your artist? 

Kapital - I don't find being a manager hard at all because I feel I have a gift. Working in the entertainment industry I know is my purpose and God in Heavens will for me. So being able to plan, organize, and think strategically is second nature for me; because I'm following a vision that serves as a road map. For example, no one knew that the painting by Leonardo  Da Vinci "The Mona Lisa" was a masterpiece before it was completed except it's creator, because he was the only one with the vision. Like Leonardo, I too have a vision that I follow and right before my eyes I see it coming alive. Although at times I may get distracted and lose sight of the vision. In these times I quickly enter into a spiritual fast and receive directions from the father in heaven on how to continue.

Love the example Kapital. Why is is negotiating important as an artist manager?

Kapital - Negotiation is vital in all forms of business because no one gives you what you deserve they only give you what you negotiate. So being able to hold your ground in the business environment of negotiation is the key to your livelihood. In my situation I have to make sure that when closing deals, all areas are satisfied in terms of the artist, the business, and myself. I'm blessed to say that the majority of my negotiations have been short and sweet, but I have had my share of shysters looking for something for nothing.

Nice way to put it and I totally agree with your point of how "negotiation is vital in all forms of business". What are your future goals for your artist?

I won't speak too much in detail on this subject matter but let's just say it requires a 24/7 Hustle... My vision and desire is to propel my organization and those apart of it into being apart of the legacy of the music industry. In the years to come, I expect the recording artist under the 24/7 Hustle Entertainment emblem to be highly active in the mainstream industry.

What a wonderful interview! It's great to know about the artist but it's also informative to know about the manager. Tomorrow, you can expect an interview on the artist "Ha-Rih". Stay tuned :)

Twitter: @Kapital247

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


B-More "McKenzie Baltimore Junior" is a talented singer, song writer, and performer. His style comes from many influences such as: Baby Face, Brian Mcknight, Bob Marley, Musiq SoulChild and much more! Check out our entertaining interview below.

What's your background story? Where are you from?

B-More - I am from the Virgin Islands, the island of Tortola. I grew up in church. Started singing at the age of 8 and from then on I began leading the choir and fell in love with the art of music. I fell in love with melodies, symphonies, and harmonies and I've been hooked ever since. I was one of the lead singers for a Gospel group and then later on branched off on my own. Since then, I have been writing my own stuff and was able to generate a buzz in the Caribbean and hopefully in America.

Nice, It seems like you have a deep connection with the art of music. Most phenomenal artist do. What encouraged you to pursue a career in the music industry?

B-More - What encouraged me is listening to the sounds of Brian McKnight and Dru Hill every day, learning each song word for word, run for run and getting the most amazing feeling inside. I knew there was something deep down inside that needed to come out.

That's cool, a lot of people are known to do that for fun. But it's a amazing how it encouraged you to pursue a career in music.  How long have you been doing music? Describe your style of music.

B-More - I've been singing since the age of 8yrs. But professionally I've been doing music for 5yrs. I came from a church background so at times I try to keep that look on society and love going, music from the soul. But at the same time I try to keep it current to today's world and what people could relate to whether it's about sex, relationships, politics, but most of all keep it positive. Music is inspiration and I try to do just that in all my songs some way or the other.

That's an honest answer. You sing about what's real. Who are some artists and producers that you've worked with? Anyone internationally?

B-More - For the past 5 years I've worked with my producers in the Virgin Islands; Lincoln Ward, Darell Fahie and I had the privilege to work with Engy of France who did a Pop mash for me by the name of "Let it Go". Artists I've worked with are mostly from home; Lincoln Ward, Travie Rozae, Monea, Monique Chapendile, Xcel Da Don, Kissinger, Da Jedi.

I'd have  to say that I've never heard of those artists! But, that doesn't mean that I won't get to know their music. So B-More, are you currently working on any new projects or events? 

B-More - I am currently in the process of finishing my new mix tape called "ForeverMusic". I feel like I've transitioned in my life to know what my purpose is and what purpose is music and as long as I'm alive it's going to be music forever. The first single off of it will be launched today and it's called "Speaker Love". I just recently performed for the first time in Orlando, Fl at the Chakra Lounge, which went great. The fans embraced me and I think I created a little buzz or little whisper.

"Little Whisper", nice. It's important that you're even working to create a buzz here in Orlando since that's where you currently reside.  What can we expect from you as an artist?

B-More - As an artist you can expect music from the heart, music that's fresh air, and music that inspires. You can expect music that's forever.

Thank you B-More.  So what are your future goals as an artist?

B-More - I really want to be known as a singer/songwriter. Most people don't get an opportunity to be  known as both like that. Also, I want to give back to my community and do Music Workshops in order for  young artist to better develop themselves as artists.

What a wonderful interview. Please be sure to download B-More's new song "Speaker of Love" and support this artist. Become a fan!

!!!Click here to download B-More's new song!!!

Twitter: @bmoresmusic
YouTube: Bmoreize
Bookings:  or

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kane: A True Artist

Ira Bloom, Jr., better known to his peers as Kane, was born with a passion for music and entertaining. He's had the opportunity to work with different DJ's and had a great buzz in the music industry for a period of time. Check out our interview below.

So what encouraged you to pursue a career in the music industry?

Kane - Well I come from a background of Musicians, so music is something that's just second nature to me; although music wasn't my first love it has always been something that I loved to follow since a very young age. Plus I've always felt that I have a gift with delivering a message or telling a story that can reach and touch others, so what better way than through music can I deliver my messages.

Wow, interesting. I agree, music is a great way to tell a story. How long have you been doing music? Describe your style of music.

Kane - I've been doing music my whole life honestly, but as far as a career I'm seven years deep in it now. My music is just life, life through my eyes and my understanding of it; whether it's balling in the club or going through a struggle; where it's been promiscuous or being in a monogamous relationship; whether it's about politics or spirituality. My music is just reality.

Kane, I must say that I can feel the passion you have for music. It's so genuine. What makes you different versus your competitors in the industry?

Kane - I can't say that it's much of a difference between me and my competitors because we all have a goal to either try to make it or get better and have longevity in the game, but what I will say is what separates me from other rappers is my reason to pursue my music. We all seek to make a dollar, but I feel my purpose is much bigger than a dollar and the fame that comes with it. I feel my message is the true value  of it all. Of course I will entertain you with swagger and the creativity of my sound, but I also seek to reach and enlighten you as well. Listen to the messages in my recently released mixtape entitled Rap Justice.

Nice way to put it. I'll be sure to listen to the messages. Name 3 people that inspire you and why? 

Kane - Everybody I know and have known inspired me in some way whether it was good or bad. But if I was to choose 3 as far as my music,  I would say my Mom, Tupac, and my manager Kapital. My mom inspired me by her collection of different genres of music she use to listen to when I was growing up; every Saturday she would clean up the house from sun up to sun down, and she will be playing everything from Gospel, Jazz, Classical, to R&B. I remember how good it felt just to see her smiling and dancing. That amazed me growing up to see how music made her happy. Tupac music inspired me to never forget where I come from, taught me how to not be afraid to speak what I feel, and to always stand for what I believe in as an artist in this game. My manager Kapital he inspired me everyday, because he was the first person to ever really believe in me. I mean, I have had people that said the believe in me, but Kapital was the first to ever show me by taking action and playing a part in my career. Together we are seven years deep in it, and he is still riding with me on this journey.

I like how you didn't just list out celebrities  who inspire you. Kane, I'm sure you're an inspiration to many. Who are some artists that you've worked with? Anyone internationally?

Kane - I've worked with a lot of artists such as Black Zu's from New Jersey, Smooth who is also from New Jersey. QD, Dr. Zoe, U.B. from Maybach Latino, and the list goes on and on. I have also worked with international artist Ray-J who blessed me with a feature on my Hit single That Girl, and D.J. Kay Slay the Drama King who hosted my second mixtape; but I love to work with the future of the game; the upcoming artists more.

So you've definitely worked with quite a verity. Are you currently working on any new projects or events? 

Kane - Well in December of 2011 I dropped my third mixtape which is titled "Rap Justice", and you can go download it for free off of We are also working on another 24/7 Hustle Ent Mixtape which features myself, Gudda Fresh, and Relo the two other artists on the label; but this year expect more videos from me on youtube, so subscribe to my youtube channel Kanetubetv & Kanetubetv247, and connect with me on Twitter @kane247 @kane247hustle to get instant updates about the moves I'll be making.

What are your future goals as an artist?

Kane - One of my main goals is to make sure I fulfill my purpose. I just don't want to be the type of artist that everybody respect because I made it or because I'm getting money and driving nice cars, and sleeping in nice cribs, that's not what I want to be known or remembered for. I want to be known for making great music of course, but I want to be remembered and respected for the messages I put in my music.

This was a wonderful interview with Kane. Please be sure to support him & his music. Also, stay tuned for Thursday as I will be posting an interview with his Manager Kapital. We will see the music industry from an Artist Manager's perspective!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scooter Braun

A very inspiring Artist Manager would definitely be Scott Samuel “Scooter Braun”. He wasn’t always a manager. He began his career promoting parties at Emory University and it began to attract celebrity performers such as Ludacris and Britney Spears. With the success of his parties, he later created his own party-promotion business. Later in 2003, Scooter Braun founded his own company Scooter Braun Projects. “SB Projects is a full-service entertainment and marketing company encompassing a wide range of ventures including Schoolboy Records, RBMG, SB Consulting, SB Management, and Sheba Publishing”. The company engages in music, film, various television, and consulting ventures within the entertainment industry. SB Projects imagine, create, execute, and deliver. They remain innovative when planning strategies to develop ideas. Scooter represents the most prominent artist Justin Bieber, who is signed to Raymond-Braun Media Group. This company is committed to working directly with each artist. They’re goal is to jointly build steps that will ensure long-lasting success. Justin Bieber is a great result. He was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun who arranged for him to meet with Usher in Atlanta, GA. Soon, Justin Bieber was signed to Raymond-Braun Media Group which is a join venture between Braun and Usher. Bieber has been on numerous television shows, have a lot of hit singles, performed for President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, and last year his first movie Never Say Never which grossed $30.3 million. Scooter Braun is a prime example of how hard work and dedication pays off. Instead of staying within the party-promotion business, he expanded himself into discovering a phenomenal artist. I’m sure his success will only continue to prosper from this point on.